Monday, March 1, 2010

Common Sense: Outline


Ingredients: equal parts art gallery exhibit, infographics, and sculpture. Blend with the American Dream. Serves 300,000,000.

In our exhibit, we plan to explore the history of our nation and the common goals and dreams we share. We also aim to examine the state of the union, the inequalities in our society and difficult choices we have to make. Finally, we will look into the future, preparing for the worst while expecting the best. The exhibit will be built with a mix of efficient and honest materials and found objects.

With the right blend of wonder and wisdom, we hope to encourage visitors to think beyond today’s polarized and cynical discussions and to consider civic values. We have no political agenda; we aim only to inspire discussion. A Pepsi Refresh grant would let us bring this vision to life. Please explore our concept sketches and website and help us transform information into knowledge.


Encourage critical thought about American society

Share knowledge playfully

Inspire visitors to imagine a better nation


Blending optimism and realism: not so negative so as to discourage, not so positive so as to sugarcoat

Being fair: we want to ignite dialogue, not destruction

Avoiding the use of charts and graphs. Ewwww!

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